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Newsletter January 2022

2021 was a year full of challenges,

learning and dreams for aeioTU.  

The return to presence filled our hearts with hope and a great illusion of being able to look our children in their eyes again, contemplate their smiles, embrace their fears and accompany them once again on the adventure of exploring the world.


It was also a year to embrace the challenges that a complex context in early childhood leaves us. The return has been marked by new gaps in coverage, quality and socio-emotional status of children. A scenario that should bring together all the actors in society around early childhood culture.  


It was a year of teamwork. We managed to manage alliances with various national and international actors such as: IOM Colombia / USAID, Hilton Foundation, SURA, ENEL, UNICEF Mexico, Roundglass, CONAFE Mexico, Color Foundation of Colombia, Gratitude Foundation, Serranía Foundation, BBVA and Education to share, to continue transforming the lives of millions of children in the world.  


Our team vibrated with each challenge, grew and became stronger, thus consolidating new innovative proposals to expand our impact to 464,296children, 790,974parents and caregivers, 25,816educators and 3,771 kindergartensand educational centers. 

new alliances

We enter a project

with Migrant Population in partnership with USAID and IOM.

With the aim of generating social and community inclusion of the migrant population through early childhood care 

fundraising campaign

To mitigate the impact caused by the pandemic, at aeioTU we created the Backpack of Experiences campaign, an initiative that raised 167 million pesos between economic and material funds, in order to dignify the spaces for the safe return of children to kindergartens. 

New project

With the aim of improving the quality of education for approximately 131,554 children in rural areas of Caquetá, in partnership with the LEGO Foundation, we launched the Rio project,

I play and I learn. 

digital education

Hand in hand with leaders in education and development, we address issues around digital transformation and innovation to guide others in their role of accompanying children in the use of technology. 


Our Educational Experience aeioTU was recognized as one of the top 15 innovations in education that foster the skills of

XXI century in Latin America and the Caribbean  by HundrED and the Inter-American Development Bank IDB.


In the company of the Saldarriaga Concha Foundation, the virtual course Include from Early Childhood: children with disabilities was developed, with which we seek to share, through the aeioTU Network, strategies and pedagogical practices that allow us to provide comprehensive care to children with disabilities. .

aeioTÜ Laboratory 2021: Stories and Doodles 

A training space for the educational community and transformation for our  pedagogical practices. In it we articulate art and pedagogy for the transfer of knowledge through spaces such as conferences and workshops, as well as a panel of national and international experts where we develop a conversation to put on the table the importance of working to meet the objectives of sustainable development that affect early childhood development. 

In 2022...

We want you to join us to continue making our dreams come true, we will expand our Educational Experience to more corners of Colombia and the world.  


We will work to strengthen our digital media and channels, which will allow us to be at the forefront of new technologies and replicate our knowledge more quickly and effectively; All this, added to the joint work with our allies, will allow us to rewrite the future of 231,449 children, 200,324 families and 31,701 educators, impacting them with innovative, intelligent, humane and quality education for early childhood. 


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