Newsletter May 2022


Felices y Agradecidos!

Fuimos seleccionados 
por Greater Share,  como una de 

las 8 organizaciones del mundo 
para hacer frente a la crisis 
educativa mundial.


Our Educational Experience aeioTU was selected among more than 4,000 NGOs around the world by Greater Share, as one of the 8 organizations that will receive funds to face the global educational crisis. aeioTU is the only selected company in Latin America. 

“Thanks to these funds, we will be able to accelerate, grow and consolidate the impact that aeioTU generates in early childhood ecosystems. Not only in Colombia but also in Mexico and Central America. Our vision is to be able to scale our impact to transform the lives of 4,500,000 children.”

Statement by María Adelaida López, Executive Director of aeioTU. 


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We do it ourselves! 


The Pedagogical and Operations Department welcomes its new director: Camilo Cortés, who has had a great career in the education sector with a solid vision of innovation and organization.

The pedagogical and operations management now has a new line of business identifier, which will allow it to differentiate itself from the other lines of the organization and will facilitate the positioning of its gardens.


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Drug Number 7

The research project The Medicine Number 7 , was developed during the return to face-to-face attendance at the aeioTU Aures center, Medellín, in the researchers' classroom; children from 4 to 5 years old and led by the teachers: Johana Borja and Kenia Martínez, as an initiative that arises in the house assemblies between the children, their grandmothers and mothers addressing homemade solutions to treat the flu. The project becomes a methodological strategy to understand the current situation of the world in the face of a pandemic, in addition to the construction of learning.


Medication Number 7 is a tool to cure the sick, it was developed through home care practices and typical of its region such as; lemongrass, aromatics and infusions, they also prepared a green soap with a lemon scent, a product that is used for healing, washing hands and preventing the virus.


The project leads them to discover the drug factory, the construction of the ambulance, as well as the consolidation of the pharmacy, all these actions favor cognitive development, scientific, critical, analytical, and variational thinking skills, as well as basic motor skills. and written language, from graphic development.


The various spaces of the house and the garden were transformed into the best way that the children could have for; investigate, question, hypothesize, browse and be amazed. This year the project continued through the exploration of new aromatic plants, with the aim of opening a hospital and health food store within the garden, using play as the main learning strategy.


Medication Number 7 was selected among the 5 best inspiring pedagogical practices of the Buen Comienzo program, an open call to Medellín for more than 400 institutions. The leading teachers of the project will travel to Finland in July to learn about their educational model. In addition, the project will participate in the ICBF Experiences First meeting, an academic space that will present innovative experiences in initial education.


We inspire others!


The Consultorías y Proyectos Especiales address changed its name to  Consultorías y Proyectos  and now also has a line identifier, which will improve the positioning of the address between your target audience.


Disney, aeioTU and the Fundación Nacional Batuta come together to implement the "Colombian Cultural Diversity" program, inspired by the film ´Encanto´, to exalt the translation of Colombian regional music and sounds with a program to strengthen training spaces in the municipalities of Monguí, Boyacá; San Jancinto, Bolívar and Armenia, Quindío.

Webinar Conafe 


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The languages of art as enhancers of play experiences in early childhood

On March 10, the webinar "The languages of art as enhancers of play experiences in early childhood" was held for the educational promoters of CONAFE (National Council for Educational Development) in Mexico as part of their ongoing training. 

From aeioTU they participated as panelists; Ruby Guzman and Carolina Salazar project coordinators, who consider that "the role of promoters is very important in the initial education of children because they are in charge of promoting the game, providing activities from the languages of art and building knowledge in the educational space”. 

During the live, the languages of art are recognized as a means that enables play, exploration and favors learning in boys and girls from gestation. In addition to rediscovering the media and materials of the environment as enablers of the creative process of boys and girls from everyday life. 

You can watch this live on YouTube:


Hilton Foundation, project start

In alliance with the Hilton Foundation, it initiates a project that provides social and community inclusion to the Venezuelan migrant population and returned Colombians, through early childhood care and psycho-emotional support to promote social cohesion and integration, through mobile pedagogical scenarios for focused attention in three territories: Cartagena, Santa Marta and Soacha. 

The project carries out the selection and training of educational leaders, through the appropriation of the aeioTU Educational Experience through the completion of the Approach to the aeioTU Educational Experience diploma course and participation in the training and accompaniment led by the Consulting and Projects team. In addition, to carry out advocacy sessions in the territories such as: aeioTU al Parque, aeioTU al Bosque and aeioTU a la Playa. 

The articulation with allies such as; Unisabana, Decameron Foundation. The Mayor's Office of Santa Marta, Cartagena and Soacha, World Vision, the Red Cross, UN Women and Uninorte, have been fundamental in contributing to the development of the project. 


We build with others!


1 year connecting families and educators with Early Childhood


In order to strengthen its contents, the aeioTU Network launched 7 new courses and is preparing to launch a new Diploma to promote comprehensive and quality education for early childhood. 

The aeioTU Network, celebrated its first anniversary and already has more than 15,000 users, is the first social network of its kind in Latin America, focused on early childhood, and aimed at families, educators and educational organizations, which seeks to accompany them to develop the potential of children to transform communities in innovative and sustainable ways.


A platform that offers 28 practical courses for parents and teachers, more than 1,500 free content to improve educational and child-rearing practices, has the first Approach to the Educational Experience aeioTU diploma course, a marketplace with unique products designed by children. In addition, blogs and specialized groups to connect with other people and organizations.



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Advocacy and advocacy

We continue with our Backpack of Experiences campaign, an initiative that seeks to raise funds to manage the transformation of classrooms into spaces that generate happiness for children, turning them into places conducive to free expression and that dignify learning.


The Rio, Juego y Aprendo project began the stage of characterization of about 780 teachers from Caquetá through pedagogical facilitators, who are working together with the team from the Faculty of Education of the University of Los Andes to raise baseline of the project evaluation and generate evidence on the results.  


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