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 "Colombian cultural diversity”: a project full of charm to benefit 600 children and young people from 3 regions of the country with the support of Disney

aeioTU and the Fundación Nacional Batuta , with the support of Disney, come together to implement the "Colombian Cultural Diversity" program, inspired by the film ´Encanto´, which seeks to exalt the translation of Colombian regional music and sounds with a program strengthening training spaces in the municipalities of Monguí, Boyacá; San Jancinto, Bolívar and Armenia, Quindío.

BOGOTÁ, MAY 2022. -"Colombian Cultural Diversity", the research and creation project that aims to offer a space for training and awareness in regional music to 600 participants between the ages of 2 and 18, reached three regions of Colombia. It offers a comprehensive education, which invites to deepen learning in typical Colombian sounds and, from there, the creative possibilities of a musical project based on tradition.In this, it is accompanied by experts in art and culture. , and pedagogical professionals as guides in the process of exploring cultural appropriations in the three territories.

The project has two components, one managed by Batuta and the other by aeioTU. Batuta's component, "Cantando Enchantment" emphasizes the composition and creation of songs, as well as their dissemination in songbooks as a means of effective, early and comprehensive learning. This reflects the pedagogical values of music and the teaching of traditional instruments as symbols of a regional identity such as the cumbia, the joint, the bagpipes and the puya of San Jacinto, Bolívar; the torbellino, the bambuco, the guabina, the rumba, the corridor, the waltz, the merengue, the brass band and the joropo from Villa de Leyva, Boyacá; and the railera or the guasca music that is created with the sounds of the tiple, the guitar, the maracas, the bass, the accordion, the violin and the trumpet in the region of Armenia, Quindío.

 a digital songbook with 6 selected pieces will be produced, with professional music production. This will have: sheet music, audio of each song with its instrumental arrangement and vocal interpretation and the possibility of having the backing track so that children, adolescents, young people and the general public can sing the songs.

For María Claudia Parias, Executive President of the Fundación Nacional Batuta, it is of great importance to work hand in hand with allies such as aeioTU and to have the support of The Walt Disney Company Latin America, which is committed to promoting the comprehensive development of childhood and youth in Colombia. "Each of the activities that we have proposed for the 600 children, adolescents and young people who will benefit from the project not only aim at their creative, musical and psychosocial development, but also highlight the symbols of their cultural identity and traditions. musicals that are protagonists in the regions of Villa de Leyva, San Jacinto, and Armenia, where the project will take place” , says Parias.

On the other hand, the component of aeioTU, called "Our own charm" , consists of the creation of musical boxes around the cultural characteristics of each of the territories, led by boys and girls and accompanied by the project's field team. . This process seeks to generate knowledge around the musical cultural diversity of the prioritized municipalities and a greater appropriation of this by the community, which will be mobilized by the participating boys and girls, seeking that the music and materials characteristic of each region can be protagonists of this experience, promoting the sound language as part of the process of construction and cultural appropriation.

María Adelaida López, Executive Director of aeioTU, stated: “With this project, children will be able to explore their environment and live experiences through sounds, allowing them to inquire about various topics such as rhythm, noise, music and silence, which will allow them to recognize the characteristics of the places they inhabit, identify with the environment and discover key elements in everyday life for the development of their personality”.

The movie ENCANTO , by  Walt Disney Animation Studios, available on Disney+, inspired by Colombia and awarded the Oscar® for "Best Animated Film", has been the precursor to this project, which includes a greater knowledge, appreciation and appropriation of regional music by children, adolescents and young people, as well as the strengthening of creative capacities to turn this knowledge into a source of new songs, inspired by the sounds of typical instruments of each department and musical languages that promote the cultural diversity of the country. ENCANTO is also the first Disney movie whose soundtrack and single reached number 1.

Understanding that the musical languages that Disney uses in its film repertoire, as in the case of ENCANTO , by Walt Disney Animation Studios, have expressive, emotional, cultural and symbolic dimensions that marked contemporary childhood, Batuta and aeioTU will be inspired by it and they will produce a series of contents resulting from the training process.