aeioTU Pasadena

At aeioTU children are builders of their own learning. We accompany them to develop their full potential through play, exploration and research from the body and movement.

Our Director:

Catalina Rojas

Catalina Rojas graduated in preschool education, passionate about education and transformation of the community from love  and empathy. With more than 14 years of experience in accompanying children from 0 to 5 years old, of which 8 years he has been playing different roles in the aeioTU team; teacher, support in the development of the conectu development monitoring software, pedagogical leader of the Bogotá centers and 6 years ago as director of the aeioTU Pasadena / Alhambra kindergarten.

Our Programs

Carolina Pereira.JPG

Carolina Pereira

Master of Researchers

Valentina Mafla.JPG

Valentina mafla

Walkers teacher

Laura Zapata.JPG

Laura Zapata

Adventurer Master

Lorena Borda Maestra Exploradores.JPG

Lorena Borda

Scout Master

Nataly Sarmiento nutricionista.jpeg

Omaira Baron

Helping Hand

vivian gonzalez asistente administrativa.JPG

Vivian Gonzalez

Administrative assistant

Omaira Barón Mano amiga .JPG

Omaira Baron

Helping Hand

Lina casera.JPG

Lina Carreno


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