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Activities to do with the children during the holidays

The holidays arrive and parents must prepare to coordinate a new routine; children will have more free time at home and their energy will overflow in every corner of the home. Planning activities that develop the full potential of children is essential, in order to avoid overexposure to screens and boredom.

The Red aeioTU offers endless activities to do with children according to their age and designed to be enjoyed as a family, involving experiences that provoke their curiosity and creativity through play.

This is the selection of recommendations for activities to do with children during the vacation period, it can inspire you to accompany their full development and growth at home:

Flavors and knowledge: here you will find experiences that encourage wonder, play and exploration through preparations, traditions and senses (taste, smell, sound, touch and sight). https://red.aeiotu.org/flavors-and-knowledge/

· Food and its colors; texture game and classification.

· Let's make fruit skewers.

· Garden at home.

· Sensory exploration through food.

Design and modeling: you will find experiences that promote play and exploration through interaction with various materials and elements that allow design and modeling to arrive at a construction. https://red.aeiotu.org/design-and-modeling/

· Homemade plasticine.

· Constructions in third dimension.

· Experiences with foam.

· Large-scale constructions with elements of the house.

Rhythms and sounds: experiences and games that explore sound and rhythms with the body or with the elements of the environment. https://red.aeiotu.org/rhythms-and-sounds/

Let's play in the corners of our house

· Adventure with sound, texture and movement

· Musical instruments with recycled natural material.

Narrative and graphics: experiences that encourage wonder, play and exploration through reading, writing, orality, storytelling and illustration. https://red.aeiotu.org/la-narrativa-y-la-grafica/

· Polysensory experience, narrative, light and sounds.

· Narrated and acted stories.

· Painting with water, traces of water on paper.

· From the point to the line and from the line to the shape.

In the Red aeioTU, you can find these free activities and tools on Early Childhood such as: parenting and support tips, stories, etc. In addition, you can find courses and workshops on various topics related to the education of children between 0 and 5 years old.

Sign up today, for free, and join this community! - - -> https://red.aeiotu.org/

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