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aeioTU was selected by Greater Share, to face the global education crisis.

In the face of alarming numbers of children being dropped out and interrupted in education globally, Greater Share has established an innovative philanthropic investment model consisting of a "fund of funds" that focuses on transforming the education of children in underserved communities around the world. the world, by supporting NGOs that implement innovative models of child-centered education.

More than 4,000 NGOs around the world participated in Greater Share's rigorous selection process, from which eight NGOs specialized in education were selected that will benefit from the assistance of the community of business members of the fund and will have the philanthropic support that will allow them to further increase their impact.

“Thanks to these funds, we will be able to accelerate, grow and consolidate the impact that aeioTU generates in early childhood ecosystems. Not only in Colombia but also in Mexico and Central America. Our vision is to be able to scale our impact to transform the lives of 4,500,000 children.” María Adelaida López, Executive Director of aeioTU, states that being part of the 8 NGOs selected at a global level is also a recognition of the commitment to early childhood that aeioTU has carried out in the country for more than 14 years.

In 14 years of operation, aeioTU has impacted the lives of more than 450,000 children and enriched the operations of more than 3,500 early childhood editing centers in Colombia, Panama, and Mexico with its evidence-based approach, promoting the involvement of its parents, with positive effects in all spheres of personal development and their communities, which has shown that it is possible to close the development gap between children from low-income and high-income families.

For her part, Liesbet Steer, Chair of the Greater Share Education Committee, said: "Greater Share is more than an innovative model for funding individual organizations: it is an ambition to build a new vision of how we can deliver education with greater impact. This new fund will impact children across the global south and global north by empowering the entire “educational workforce” or the full spectrum of educators, supporting innovative, data-driven approaches to learning, and building a community for systems change ".

Greater Share Education

The NGOs selected by Grater Share are aeioTU (transforming communities through the development of the potential of children innovatively and sustainably in Latin America), CAMFED (providing opportunities for women and girls in sub-Saharan Africa), Kaivalya (developing the motivation and capacity of education system leaders in India), KIPP (operating a network of high-quality public charter schools in underserved communities in the United States), London Early Years Foundation (providing access to education and care high-quality, affordable early childhood education), The National Institution for Student Success (increasing college achievement while reducing equity gaps in the U.S.), Teach for All (developing collective leadership to ensure that all children can reach their potential) and West London Zone (supporting children and young people in the UK to build relationships and skills to thrive in adulthood).

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