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"Aprendiendo", with more than 5 thousand users, scales the Educational Experience of aeioTU

Updated: Feb 28

In the constant search to achieve a greater impact of the educational model, the need arises to create alternatives that allow educators and families to improve the educational practices of children. From there was born “Aprendiendo”, aeioTU's free digital platform.

Learning is the solution that many educators and parents were looking for to strengthen their educational and parenting practices from a distance, and more so now in the context of the Covid-19 emergency. This free digital platform was born with the intention of sharing the aeioTU educational model through an innovative channel that would allow us to reach many more places in the world.

The platform was launched on May 4 and so far in the second half of 2020, it has managed to reach more than 5,000 registered users, with whom our dream is to promote a virtual learning community that will become one of the catalysts for the improvement of the educational quality that children under 5 years of age receive in the region.

“With Aprendiendo I have managed to continue reinventing myself as a teacher from the multiple possibilities that the platform offers, taking it to my professional and personal work” Nubia Gordillo, teacher.

At Aprendiendo we share all our knowledge in the form of videos referring to good practices, experiences to enjoy at home with the children, parenting suggestions, podcasts and stories that inspire both parents and educators; to offer children explorations and materials that enrich their learning processes.

The contents found on the platform are very friendly and simple; which makes it easier for the parent or educator to understand and adapt them in their daily routines with children.

“For parents of two young children, who must have time for everything, Learning makes life easier, it gives us ideas, experiences, alternatives and even advice to take on new challenges and make our day-to-day more dynamic. I recommend it! My wife and I are happy. Thank you toeioTU for always thinking about our children. " Freddy Florez, father of the family. To visit and register in Learning click here

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