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Ends IDB project in partnership with Panama and the Ministry of Social Development

Visit of María Inés Castillo López, Minister of Social Development of the Republic of Panama, to the trainings that aeioTU developed within the framework of the project with the IDB Panama to train teachers and improve their educational practices.

In alliance with the IDB, a proposal was presented to develop a Consultancy process, in which it was stated that the Ministry of Social Development (MIDES) of the government of Panama requires technical assistance for the design and implementation of a Training and Mentoring Program addressed to the teachers and assistants of 44 CAIPI of the Country. During the first months, the processes related to the enlistment of the project were developed, such as dialogues and initial approaches with all MIDES personnel who would be accompanying the implementation and in turn the aeioTU team was generating an approach and characterization of the state of care to early childhood in the areas of education, for this, the selected instruments were applied and their respective analysis was carried out, which guided the processes and allowed decision-making regarding the needs to be considered.

Due to the global contingency event due to COVID-19, the consultancy underwent modifications, since the phases required presence in both training spaces and support during the operation of services in CAIPI.

AeioTU in agreement with the IDB and MIDES generated a modification to the line of execution of the consultancy, prioritizing Training and Mentoring to the team of Trainers of Trainers of Panama. The curriculum allowed adaptation for an implementation that would make it possible to meet all current health requirements and thus guarantee the execution of the themes developed for each training.

It should be noted that the consultancy enabled not only the opportunity for professional development of the Trainers who make initial education possible in the Country, but also opens the way to the continuous construction of the Panamanian Early Childhood culture, in which the multiple sectors bet the establishment of laws, conditions and implementation of strategies that optimize comprehensive care for children.

The implementation of the consultancy enabled a significant space for professional development in the selected FDFs, thus generating in them reflection on their current pedagogical practices, updating of technical knowledge from work with early childhood and the acquisition of various strategies to apply in the CAIPI.

The establishment of a team of FDF trained to provide practical training to teachers and teacher assistants in the CAIPI of the Republic of Panama, in order to strengthen pedagogical practices to almost 137 educators and impact approximately more than 1,926 children in the territory Panamanian.

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