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"It's already day to go to aeioTU" Julieta Galeano, adventurer from aeioTU Pasadena

Since the aeioTU team announced the possibility of reopening the Center to start the alternation, a great expectation began for us, we were excited by the idea that Julieta would experience the meeting again, the interaction with teachers, friends, with the objects and spaces of the Center , who will participate in the pedagogical experiences that are planned and arranged there to accompany their development and learning. Although the situation derived from the pandemic generates fear, the organization and rigor of the center on biosafety practices, they reassured us and allowed us to fully enjoy the wonder of the return to presence.

Without ignoring that at home she also learns and has interactions that support her development, as parents it gives us peace of mind that Julieta lives pedagogical experiences with her peers, because there the spaces and interactions are unique and at home we are not able or able to offer her something Similary.

We really highlight Julieta's taste for going, the fact of getting up and saying: “Today is the day to go to aeioTU!”, This shows her need for other spaces, for her companions, and for experiences different from home.

Although the time spent enjoying the presence was not extensive, it allowed us to see Julieta's transformations in terms of habits and routines, as she autonomously practices hand washing and verbally expresses the importance of doing so. Her drawings show more defined forms and it is an activity that she enjoys very much, her narrations about what happened with her friends are more extensive and with some details, the consumption of food is done with greater willingness and pleasure. Also hearing her teachers describe Julieta's process in the aeioTU experience fills us with pride and satisfaction.

The aeioTU experience at Home has also been fundamental to feel accompanied as a family in this great challenge that the pandemic brought us and that led us to abruptly transform the organization we had to function on a day-to-day basis. The experiences proposed by the teachers in the morning assemblies and the afternoon workshops allowed us to enrich the interactions at home and contribute to the development of our children, a special thanks for this, as they have made proposals that, within the framework of virtuality, we have been able to enjoy.

A great thanks and recognition to the aeioTU proposal and to the human and interdisciplinary team that makes its materialization possible, in reality it is designed for early childhood children and they carry out a relevant and respectful accompaniment to families, through various strategies such as it is the Kidizz App, virtual encounters, daily contact, the WhatsApp group. Total thanks!

José Galeano (Julieta's Dad)

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