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Starting a new school year

The holidays are coming to an end and for some children, leaving the company of their parents and going back to kindergarten or school can generate a certain degree of anxiety, fear or insecurity, especially at younger ages.

It is important to understand that the holidays have allowed the change of eating habits, sleep, discipline and schedules, so it is necessary to accompany children in the transition to start a new year, validating their interests and emotions. Strengthen thinking and language skills, through experiences where children carry out small purposes.

aeioTU offers you 5 experiences that you can do in the week so that your child adapts again to the return of the kindergarten or school:

Monday - Remembering last year!

Invite your child to have an afternoon of memories, through photographs that you may have taken from your cell phone, and narrations. Start a dialogue with your child about what he liked the most about that past year and remember the achievements and progress that he has had. Then invite him to make a story, where he believes the story. You can help him write it, while he does the illustrations.

Tuesday - Our resolutions!

Now with the memories embodied in a story, propose to your child, make some resolutions for this year. Tell him about what resolutions mean and talk about things that can be improved. Both him and you, for example: "I intend to play half an hour with you every day" and he can propose, for example: help make his bed every day. And these purposes must be reflected in a poster. Each one, from drawings, make the purposes of it and arrange them in a place in their rooms.

Wednesday - Let's make our calendar

In order to carry out these purposes it is necessary to acquire some routines with the children. To do this, you can propose to make a calendar. Take the opportunity to remember the days of the weeks, the names of the months and the writing of some numbers. The idea is to make the calendar and put some experiences that they can do. For example, make the bed every day, but on weekends go out and play ball. This calendar will respond a little to what they proposed for this year.

Thursday - Organizing my space

For this day, propose to your child to organize a space for him. Then talk about him being able to have that work space. And help him distribute his materials. If he has colors, pencils, or paints, organize them by color. They can also organize sheets of various sizes, so that they can draw or write, and some recycled materials that they have at home, for example, some bottles, cut up egg trays, packages of their favorite foods, among others, that can be used for future investigations.

Friday - Imagining

To end the week, we are going to play with the imagination. Invite your child to imagine what it will be like the day he returns to school or enters school. Help him imagine the places, his classroom, the park, his classmates; and propose to make a three-dimensional production of that place. To do this, they can use all kinds of recycled material, for example, a box, for the classroom or popsicle sticks for the bodies. Let your child make their own production of the imagined place.

AeioTU accompanies children to discover the world around them in a natural and joyful way. Engages them in experiences that spark their curiosity and creativity through play, science, exploration, movement, art, and technology.

Each child who lives the Educational Experience develops its full potential. From the aeioTU Nogal and Pasadena Gardens it is possible to contribute knowledge, experience and economic resources, so that more children in vulnerable sectors have access to a quality education.

Schedule your appointment and find out how:

Nogal Headquarters, Calle 79B #7-69 - 311 665 8182

Pasadena/Alhambra Headquarters, Calle 115 #50-83 - 320 371 5506

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